Camera animations. URGENT

Hello I need this information as soon as someone can help. I am trying to render three simple camera animations I have only rendered using Maya, Marmoset, After effects and rendering in those programs is very easy you go to render click render on the camera you want to render or have it in the settings and boom its done. I am trying to use unreal engine for a fairly large landscape because of how great it is with PBR. however I have the cameras set up with a director key framed but when I click create movie with load on level selected in the actor it renders a first person camera and that is it I just need my camera animations rendered out for my demo reel and I have never used this program so any replies I request a Barney style break down for my NOOB self. the only things I ahve seen on it are create a blue print and walk into it. however with the massive scale of this model … I cant even find the actor when I zoom out. Please help ASAP I really need this.