Camera Animation Path?

Hi there,
I’m wanting to create a first person VR walkthrough experience, whereby the user would simply be on a camera path that is moving throughout an environment. They wouldn’t be controlling the path with any input, they would simply be viewing it through the first person, going through this environment on a loop.
I have been playing around trying to do this with getting cameras to move along an animation path but have not had any luck so far with getting the actual view from the first person to move automatically…does anyone have any idea of where I am going wrong or how I could correct this to get the goal that I want to achieve from this?
Thank you

I would use Sequencer for that. Animate the camera in Sequencer and you have your path and can easily change the cam’s rotation in order to look at specific things or events along the path.

Thanks! I ended up achieving what I needed by setting up a camera rig rail and assigning a VR camera to the rig instead of a cine camera actor. I then used the Sequencer to get the camera animation going.

here are the links that helped me set up the VR camera and the proceeding camera rig rail animation:

Setting up VR Camera:

Shooting from a camera rig rail: