camera animation is with a little bit of judder in quicktime h264


i´m trying to create an trailer for my game.

in this trailer are slow camera - turnarounds which should be shown absolutely smooth in quicktime h264.
but there is always a little bit of judder shown in the final quicktime rendering.

i tried to double the timeline in ue4 and short the sequence to the half time in after effects… that works nearly ok.

but all physcs in the game (water, smoke etc) are not shown well in this way.
by the way: my pc is an i7, geforce 970 with 16b ram.

can somebody give me an advice, on which way i can avoid tis judder in the original gameplay speed?

thanks a lot for an answer!!


ps. sorry, if this is the wrong forum…

Couple things to try.

I’m assuming you are recording out to image sequences, rather than .avi. If you arent, try doing that.

The second thing is have you tried the option to capture the recording in a separate process? It’s under the Render Movie settings (General > Drop Down box) “Use Separate Process” and for good measure, try “Close editor when capture starts”


hi **VaSSiLi, thanks for your advice!!

i´ll try your second thing (the first is already done;-)

have a nice christmas! greetz