Camera Animation inside blueprint?

Hello, I’m trying to animate a camera inside a blueprint but can’t figure out how.

Below I have a chest blueprint, when the player opens the chest it should show the camera spin around it (like zelda).

However the Camera Anim asset seems to be used only in the world, and I can’t make the camera follow a spline, since they can’t be edited inside blueprints.
I’ve been at this for hours with no progress.

How can I setup a camera animation in my blueprint?


Hello I have little experience with the Unreal Engine myself but should it not be possible to use Matinee to record a camera animation where the camera is moving around the chest and set the camera being used to the one rotating around the chest for the duration of the animation using a blueprint?

Hi Radini, yes that’s possible for one chest. But when I make another chest, that one matinee is still in the old position. I want to some how attach that animation to the blueprint so when I make many chests, each one has it’s own matinee that works in each chest location.

two ways, direct and cheesy fake one.
direct is - create one camera on the chest, “possess the camera” and based on timeline move camera, rotate etc. After all “possess” your character camera.
cheesy fake way is - add few cameras on chest and use THISto move between them based on some timeline/delay. After all “possess” your character camera.

Thanks. I just wish splines could be used in chests to easily create a nice camera path, but I guess I’ll have to use your method and animate it’s movement completely through blueprint code :s