Camera animation help

Hi all, does anyone know how to do a fly-through camera animation in UE4. I do all my modeling in Cinema 4D R15. I saw this vid (actually I’ve seen them all:-D ) on youtube, this is where I need to get too

Urgent help needed here :slight_smile:

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I learned how to make my 1st camera setup with this small tutorial
It’s very basic, haven’t found any better tutorial yet. Most of them are about animations and not targeted for Arch Viz purposes unfortunately.

Quick tips :

Place a matinee actor
Open matinee editor
create new camera group
create new director group
place the newly spawned camera where you want to start your movie, add a key on the timeline,
move camera, place a key
move camera, place a key, etc
at the end, mouse on the director group track, press enter and select to which camera you wanna cut and where

top side, right… create a movie button
you don’t need the blueprint cinematic event trigger, just select your matinee icon on your scene and in the details panel, check ‘‘load on startup’’. When you launch your map/game it will start with the matinee!

If you have a Nvidia card, you can use shadowplay to record directly in h.264 format. Pretty cool and much less gpu intensive than the normal record function who record to .AVI

Hi Heartlessphil, thanks for the reply and tip, very kind of you and much appreciated. I’ll let you know how I get on. Thanks again, top man

If you speak french, this guy has a 1h30mins course on matinee alone. it’s on passion 3dand it’s only 8 euros!!!

:slight_smile: unfortunately I don’t. But I will check it out anyway. thanks again for another pointer.

May be this will help you —> Press here

Thank you Sunboy. I always said that if the CGI community governed the world we’d all be happier :slight_smile: top people. Thanks again.

Hi heartlessphill, quick question, where is ‘load on startup’ can’t see it anywhere :slight_smile:

Here it is my friend!


As always an top man. Thank you matey, you’ll be the first to see what I end up with :slight_smile: