Camera and Mouse Setup for a Simulator

Hey Guys i have a Problem and I need your Help very much!

I´m working on a Simulator Project. A simple one for a Essay. I want to have an Object in front of an fixed Camera, like in the Video.:rolleyes:

I have done some Blueprint work, but i dont get all of this together. I had a fixed Camera, but i cannot control with Mouse and Keyboard. In a nother try i got done a Grab and Release for objects, but it was not very precise and also it was attached on a First person controller. Because i dont get all this on my Fixed Cam … I dont get it and the Videos out there helped me for
individual parts, but not for all together.

And on my imported Object, is there some Blueprint work necessary to move it and use it as in the Vid?

Whats your ideas for me?

Thank you all ahead for Help!:slight_smile: