Camera and controll align to an object


I am a 3D Artist an new to the programming with blueprint.
Befor i will start a new project with UE4 i need some things to know. May you can help.

Is it possible to set a camera and the controlls so that the cam is align to an singe Object (or a group of objects)

I will give the user the following function.
He can look to an object at the screen an can walk around it with a fixed view on the object.
The cam is always fixed too the object - the user can go around the object - not in the directions.

Or is ist possible that the Cam is static and fixed and the controls can rotate the object.

watch the graphic
Thanks or your help.

You can definitely rotate a camera around an object. It would probably be best to make a new blueprint with a camera component attached to a SpringArm and throw it in your world. You can then just rotate the SpringArm axis to get your desired results.

Once a camera blueprint is placed in your world you will have to find it to enable interactions. Such as using the, find actors node, or referencing in the level blueprint depending on your design.