Camera and character movement

Hello all,

I’m using the 3rd person template to start and when my character walks forward and I move the mouse left or right the character turns. Great. I’ve also set up so my character turn left or right as I mouse left or right when standing still, unless the right mouse button is clicked. When my character runs and I move the mouse I’d like to right click to unlock that connection between the movement and the camera so my character can move freely while my right mouse button is clicked and when it is is not the character follows the mouse direction.

Secondly, I’m trying to use the camera as the players target direction(up/down left/right) when the camera is synced to the movement and not use it when the right mouse button is clicked. I have the Yaw working correctly, however I cant seem to get my Pitch to correlate in the same manor.

Below is how I’m doing the Yaw input/movement