Camera always looks forward

I created character and chose it as default pawn, after that I added camera component but I can’t rotate it. When I change his location it’s working, but rotation options is ignored.

do you have this in your character class?

if not you also need the inputs setup in your project settings.
which i cant easily find right now… its in the fps template game, you can export the settings as an ini and then load it in your current project.

… not sure if that helped.

I want rotate camera, not character

I need rotate camera, not character

same problem here, don’t meter if a rotate the camera in the character blue

print. the camera is aways looking foward.

Can you please show screen shots?

Thank you very much!

Wow, found the problem…
I disable the Use Controller View Rotation under Camera settings.

here it is! working both ways[alt text][1]

You’re welcome