Camera Actor - No View!


I’ve been struggling to get that simple ‘Camera Actor’ to work.

I’m not quite sure what the problem is. Right now I’ve placed a ‘Camera Actor’ inside my level, but it when I hit Play, it does not view through that Camera. Instead, my view is at Location (0,0,0) and I can’t move the view either, just stuck there.
Wether ‘PlayerStart’ is in the scene or not, I just can’t get it to work.

I’ve even tried the Level Blueprint using the ‘Get Player Controller’, ‘Set View Target with Blend’, but that also did not seem to work.

After a couple of days, and reading through a lot of Threads, searching on the web, I decided to post it here.

Is there anyone that can explain to me what’s up? I’m losing it…

Kind regards,

You can’t get a Camera “Actor” to behave like a Pawn, just as you can’t use a Static Mesh “Actor” as a Pawn.
However, you can “add” camera “component” and static mesh “component” to a Pawn class blueprint, and it could work.

What I did after create a blue print from custom class “DefaultPawn”, I attach a camera component, and then move a bit.
I then in event graph, using EventBeginPlay->Set Find Camera Component when View Target, and hook a “Get reference to self” to target.
Compile and you should be able to view the scene and move from your camera. You can add several other static mesh component from engine source, they will always stay relative to your camera(since the default Pawn class and movement defines your camera’s relation ship to your other visible component.

Edit: I don’t know why the screenshot gets shrink so small after upload.