CAMERA 360 System (Blueprints)

I am trying to spawn the camera recorder in my level dynamically, from the player’s current position.

I want to render an image sequence (png/jpeg don’t mind) of 360 stereo with TAA and forward shading with given resolution, framerate and duration. I can use movie render queue to create a job at runtime which sorts out framerate and duration.
Then I want to use the cam 360 blueprint to record the scene every frame, either to a render target or if it can output the files directly, and once the movie render queue is finished, destroy the cam 360 and go back to normal screen mode.

I am stuck at spawning the camera blueprint. I am just getting a black screen.

Hi I read your tutorial Tutorial 21.OBS(NDI), Spout and Camera 360
I encountered a problem when I changed the Send Texture Form to Texture Render Target 2D, the OBS screen would have broken lines
At 4.25

Sorry English is not very good :disappointed_relieved:

Good afternoon!
I have met such a problem, have you tried all the modes?

try changing the priority, 1. Open Camera Point 360 actor.
2. Select all (Scene Capture Components) and find right panel prioritet, and change to 2 or 1 and check seams?

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Have u found a solution for this, We are needing to render out a 360 stereo video and running into the 180 degree issue.


Now there are already correct solutions for correct stereo, but the modes have their pros and cons. Please watch the latest video lessons on stereo (omni stereo) Tutorial 25. Camera 360. Mode 360 Stereo Omni - YouTube and (Panoramic Mode) Tutorial 26. Camera 360. Stereo Panoramic Mode. - YouTube

Hi @ElizzaRF
I am trying to render a long cascade particle trail but only the portion of the 360 screen that the emitter is in will render the trail. Any suggestion on how to allow the particle trail to render in 360?

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Write to me by email, do you still have a problem?
I can’t achieve this error.