CAMERA 360 System (Blueprints)

Hello,I followed the ArchViz Interior Scene tutorial. Everything apart from anti-aliasing seems to be working fine. I have already set Texture size to 4096, but it looks the same as 2048 (rendering times went up by x4). Also, I have tried to increase the Output-Resolution to 16k and increase the AA-samples but the effect stayed the same. How can I improve this?

Please look Solution 5. Using Movie Render + TAA

  1. As for Movie Render and the activated FullPostProcess mode.
  2. To have the correct colors when rendering. You need the Unlit mode, as well as the disabled Tone Curve.
  3. Activate Custom PostProcess → FullPostProcess
    4.Added deffered Rendering (Unlit) (in 4.26) and try using disable multisample effects (This will remove the ghost effect or bifurcation of the frame (if available))
    5.Added Anti-aliasing (working).
    6.Color Output → Disable Tone Curve for correct color.
    7.If you use a Sequencer or a screenshot system (png, jpg), these steps are already added to the code and the colors are correct when rendering.
  4. And try change AntiAliasing quality this oprion

    You can change the anti-aliasing values here. This is a temporary solution, in a subsequent update I will add the anti-aliasing value in a convenient place.

Thank you!

NEWS 05.28.2021. Camera 360 support UE5.
I am still checking how the rendering works in UE5, if I have any additional information, I will let you know.
For working Camera 360 and UE5, you need:
Just transfer the files from project to project and everything will work for you.
You need copy Camera_360 in Your project ue4/Content/Camera_360
to Your project ue5/Content/Camera_360

NEWS 05.31.2021. Added minor changes to the version 4.23-4.26. For Custom rendering mode.

  1. Added a new actor BG_CustomRendering
    It replaces the background. For example, the green color. In the post-production program, you can remove this background and make it an alpha channel.
  2. Added the ability to Hiden actor or Show actor.
  3. For this to work, you need to activate the following values in ScreenShot PNG system:
    • Custom Render (True)
    • Custom Render List Object (True)
    • For Show Objects → Select Primitive Object Mode → Use Show Object
    • For Hiden Objects → Select Primitive Object Mode → Render Scene Primitives Legacy
  4. To make the Background work, add it to the level (Content/Blueprints/BackgroundCustomRender/BG_CustomRender actor)

Example: Standart view

Example: Hiden Object.

Example: Show object.

NEWS 06.01.2021. First Test Rendering 360 in Unreal Engine 5.

Unreal Engine 5 + Camera 360. First test rendering.
But I am now checking the performance, what errors can be.

This is the first video from the 360 test series in Unreal engine 5.
Now we can say that rendering with the Nanite system is doing a great job.

I am not sure that the Lumen system was captured now, I need to check it with a separate test.
Update message: There are Lumen problems with shadows when rendering 360.

Hi Elizza,
I’m not getting the light bounce with Lumen in UE5. Is there an extra manipulation to get the result you have in your first test?

Thanks a lot.

I’m still trying to understand the intricacies of Unreal Engine 5. Since this is not a release and it just came out, it takes time.

I plan to record a video tutorial on how I add camera 360 to the project and what settings I apply, but in general I didn’t change anything.

I will attach the settings that are set in the standard project.


I did some experiments.
At this point in time, the Lumen system is not supported in the general Camera 360 system.

I think this is temporary, and closer to the first updates of the engine itself, it will be available.

But the good news is that one of the modes allows you to render using the Lumen system. But it is difficult to say what problems may be caused. Therefore, Lumen should not be used now.

Here is an example of the resulting image.

Tutorial for UE4.

Hello, I am having trouble with parts of the ocean in my scene that are far away from the camera. The water that is close is fine, but the water far away appears black in the image output. Is there a setting or something I’m missing?

We are having the same issue as @mplueddemann is having.
No matter how much we push the resolution, 20000 or 10000 the final quality of the render remains the same.

Do you have the opportunity to send me email this project with water?
So that I can check everything. Then I can respond immediately to those who have the same problems.
Try using this option
Select Camera Rec 360 actor

  1. Projection 360 Use 6 cam
    2.Find Custom Render
    3.and select FullPostProcess

Hello Elizza

I’m trying to make a 180 dome rendering for an upcoming project. I bought camera 360 and got your blueprints running. I was able to render a test but somehow i can’t find how to make the projection filling the entire frame. Can you point me towards a solution for this? in the screenshot you can see where I need to get (left side). Thank you very much!

Hi, hellocolour!
Thank you for your purchase.
You need select Camera Rec 360 actor:

  1. Aspect Ratio → 2:1 → False
  2. Output size for your rendering 1:1
  3. Click play or render with a sequencer or movie render.

I am not seeing the same options as your Camera_Rec_360. Am I using a different version or something?

Default category, Please up :slight_smile: See Debug border and red color? This Default category

NEWS. 06.08.2021. 360 Stereo Omni tutorial.

NEWS. 06.11.2021. 360 Stereo (Panoramic)
In this tutorial, I’ll show you how you can use Stereo Panoramic Mode in 360 camera to get the correct stereo.

Hello! I’m having a problem with the Camera_point_2D it only renders out 1 camera of the 6. It freezes when the second camera it’s active but doesn´t save the screenshot. Any ideas?

Hi, xaviprz!

Tutorial 18. Camera 2D Rec. DOF. TemporalAA. Full Dome 180 and 360 projection in Unreal Engine 4. - YouTube - please look this tutorial.

And try open demo map in /Content/Camera_360/Maps/ or

In this scene using Camera Rec 2D and Camera Point 2D.
This mode usually uses one camera to capture images, then after passing 6 angles, it makes the final capture of the combined images in 360.

Try using Camera Rec 360 and Camera Point 360 → Tutorial 27. Camera 360. Rendering 5 Solutions - YouTube