Calypso Garden

Hi everyone,

I wanted to share with you some work in progress of the environment I’m working at right now. I started it in July and wanted to do it following Ryan Benno’s mentorship program.

If you want to see some of my other work here is my Artstation!

Here are some screenshots, will keep you updated!

Looking cool! :wink:

Great technical ability, a little cluttered and lacks cohesion imo. Image should be more obvious what we’re looking at.

Is this a throne room? An entrance/vestibule? A meeting room for elders or something?

Value that advice for how much you paid for it.

@RickTheRisk Thanks!

@MikeRPG it is a place built to store a magical armor, a kind of monument on a floating island

Here is more progress, I uploaded more pictures on my artstation: [




This is amazing! I’d love to create stuff like this, but I’ve got no idea on where to start.

What do you think I should do if I wanted to learn how to do this stuff?


Hey, thanks!

It may help if I post a GIF of the environment art process. It is still not finished but you start with baby steps and then work your way out until you are satisfied with the result. There isn’t a magic formula to it, at least I don’t know it but what I learned during my period with Ryan is the concept of verticality and scale, also having a limited color palette to work with and stick to it and some techniques to create the models faster like the Ultimate Trim so no high poly model was created so far in this scene (except for the organic elements like rocks). So just start with what you know and try to create something, that is the way I found to be the fastest. You may want to start with the basics like material creation, 3d modeling, uvs and maybe create some props until you are comfortable working with 3d. I’m far from being an expert but that is the advice I can give you.

Thanks for the advice, I really appreciate it!

Very nice setup

nice very nice

Thanks, glad you are liking it so far.

Added some flags as skeletal meshes to use a wind actor in the scene.

I made a small video showing how the Cloth works in real time:

I made small tweaks to my scene and added some foliage: