Calling UMG UI fuctions

Happy Friday!

I’m trying to create a simple GUI to go with my object viewer. I created an “EditableText” object in my UI and bound a function to the text field. How often and when is this function called? In the function I am calling to another blueprint and retrieving the value of a string variable. The function doesn’t seem to be working, what am I missing?

I think it’s called every tick.

If it does not work, are there any Errors like Accesses None? Try to print out the value in the function.

What’s the actual event?
If its event TextChanged, then it would be called everytime a character is added or removed.

I’m getting the Accesses None error when I run the game when the function is called. I’m not sure exactly what event causes it to run though, whether it is every tick or not. Below is the function, it’s pretty simple. The variable in the called Blueprint is public and editable. The Blueprint I am calling starts on Event Begin Play. I am printing the variable value right away so I know it is populated.


Blueprint being called: