Calling on Dialogue through DataTables

Hi all.
I’ve made a game with about 200 sound files worth of dialogue, which when I made it I simply used Spawn Sound 2D nodes to call on them, since it’s mostly the main character talking (and it’s a first person game).

Now however, I’ve wanted to create custom subtitles and have made a **Data Table **that will keep track of all dialogue and pull the subtitles from it.
I’ve also made a **DialogueCue **with the lines listening to a switch to know which dialogue should play.

My question is this: Is this how it should be done? Is there a huge cost in having 200 lines within a DialogueCue?
Should I make a switch in my subtitle widget, checking the line manually? I’m working with blueprints only.

I hope I managed to explain sufficiently. Any advice and insight is welcome. Thanks in advance! :slight_smile: