Calling function in custom game state causes crash

I have a custom weapon which on creation should call a function in the custom
game state to “register itself”, so the game state has it in a variable for quick
reference. After setting this up everything compiles fine. When starting a PIE
session, the editor crashes. From then on if anything attempts to touch any of
the assets involved, the editor crashes:

  • Opening a map with the custom game state referenced.
  • Opening the weapon class to edit.
  • Opening any blueprint interface used in either of them.

Other things to note:

  • I’m on 4.1.1 because even a working version crashes 4.2 on startup.
  • Everything in the project is made with Blueprints.
  • What matters is making the call. The class it’s called from or the data passed
    seems to be irrelevant.
  • The log is useless:

LogWindows: === Critical error: ===
LogWindows: Fatal error!
LogExit: Executing StaticShutdownAfterError

Am I trying to use the GameState improperly?

hi ZoltanE,

Can you post this in the ‘Blueprints’ section on the AnswerHub as well? I believe this would get you help with the problem much quicker.

I’m curious though, is the 4.2 crash only happening with this project?

Thank you!


I have a question in AnswerHub that may be related to this, where this code no longer works in 4.2, it returns NULL for my custom GameState (worked in 4.1.1):

AGameGameState* gameState = world->GetGameState<AGameGameState>();

@Tim Hobson: There is no crash with the racer example. It seems that the 4.2 issue
is a separate one, some kind of an “assertion on asset load”. Max Preussner knows
about it already, I just mentioned it to explain why I couldn’t test it in 4.2.

@dmacesic: Interesting. I’ll set up a test to see if I can get a valid game state object
to begin with.

I’ve just checked and the GetGameState seems to return a valid object.
The PlayerArray is 1 as expected but the GetElapsedTime is always 0
regardless when I query it. I’m not sure if its a clue.

I can successfully call the GameState’s function from the player controller and the
game mode. I tried other, actor derived classes and that always ended in tears.

Interesting, thanks. I’ll try to figure out why my GameState is getting clobbered. I’ll stop hijacking your thread :slight_smile:

Just as a reference, just in case it helps you or someone else, I’ve resolved my issue. It seems the way the world pointer is managed in the player’s context is a bit different. I was using an invalid UWorld pointer to generate a Slate widget from a static function. I have used the example in Shooter Game 4.2, and used FLocalPlayerContext to get a proper pointer to the world to get the game state.

//In HUD
APlayerController* pc = GetOwningPlayerController();
FLocalPlayerContext context(pc);
// pass this to static Slate widget creation function and do
UWorld* world = Context.GetWorld();
AGameGameState* gameState = world->GetGameState<AGameGameState>();
//gameState is no longer NULL


If I move the game state function call into the pawn then I can avoid the crash. I’ll
leave it like this for now and focus on making the project work on 4.2 then re-test
everything for changes.