Calling Chicago Unreal Engine Users, MEETUP Nov 21st. at Next Door Cafe

Sorry for such a short notice but I wanted to get this out to the community. If you live in Chicago area and are doing something cool with Unreal (game dev, demos or archviz) please join us at the Chicago Unreal Engine Heroes meetup this Saturday at the Next Door Cafe! We’re just a bunch people crazy about the engine and it’s capabilities. I’ll be going over some lessons learned during the Epic Mega Jam and some of the awesome community content that’s available. If you are working on something cool in UE4, feel free to share it here too! Hope to see you there!

About Next Door Cafe
659 W Diversey Parkway
Chicago, IL 60614
(773) 472 3667 (DOOR)

Any news on a new Chicago meeting? Just came across this and am very interested.

Yep there’s a new one up now

:smiley: Awesome!