Calling blueprints into components of a blueprint

I’m trying to find the best way to call blueprints like lights, doors and other useful items into the component section of a blueprint when it appears during runtime. I’m trying to do this so that a building blueprint can be created then all the functional things like these can then be called to specific points marked in the component section of the building blueprint, something like a target point basically, I’ve just noticed that I cant pull one up as a component which makes life a little hard. I’ve tested some things that haven’t worked quite right and I was just wondering if there is something I’m missing that’s rather obvious.

Have a look in the content example at the blueprint communication map to know how communicate to blueprints.
Communication is the same from / to actor than from / to component, but you have to check that you use the right actor / component nodes (usually it is written actor / component on most of them to help).
For instant communication, on your event, you’ll use “cast to”. For global communication, you’ll use interface.