Calling all South Africans

This is a call out to all South Africans regardless of skill level. Last night, while contemplating life; the universe; and everything else, I thought about how much talent we actually have in South Africa. Then it dawned on me, why don’t we all get together and collaborate on a community driven project that will showcase the talent we have here.

The idea here is to have a steering committee to guide the overall project, but the project will be open to all South Africans and any contribution will be accepted and credit given. Whether the committee decides to release the game commercially and put the proceeds in a fund to help other South African Indie Devs or whether it releases it free is entirely up to them and the members.

The core idea here is to get South African Developers contribution, collaborating, interacting, and making an “Awesomely Epic” game that show cases what we can do. Thanks to Epic, we now have the tools to do it … all we need are the people.

So where do we go from here?
Well lets see if there is any interest and take it from there.

How long will this take?
Well the idea is to release a game in a fairly short time period and should hopefully not take more than 6 months.

I don’t have much time?
That is fine, we will split the development in to small sprints and this will help to make the goals achievable in fairly short bursts.

Who will be on the committee?
That is entirely up to the members who decide to join. Just because I am coming up with the idea does not mean I am automatically on the committee.

What type of game will we make?
Once again this is up to the committee and the members. We should probably stick to a game that is achievable in the time frame and can possibly be ported to different platforms.

I can’t do Game Development/Design/Art?
That is okay. A game requires more than just development, design, and art. It requires back-end services, websites, social media awareness, copy writers, testers, etc. But who knows, maybe you join and do some web design for us and then decide to try your hand at level design and are good at it. The object is to contribute what you can and learn from those.

I am not very good, I might let you down?
No you wont. The idea is to learn from those who are good and mentor those that need it. We will work together, help each other, and learn from each other. This is what the aim is.

You are naive, this will never work?
Maybe it wont, maybe it will. Time will tell, but if this even manages to get some members collaborating on their own project because this doesn’t work … then that is a win as well.

Is this officially supported by Epic?
Although we would very much like to have it supported by Epic, it is not. This is a community driven initiative that I feel is a way to showcase the South Africa Game Development Community … we just happen to be using Unreal Engine.

Right … so I have my anti-flame undies on and I have got my helmet on for all the trout slaps … lets hear it. 8-}


Okay this has been moved to a Skype group. Ask Crocopede for details … he is the man running this.

I’m in. But I just want to ask. Is there a university in South Africa that teaches game development in Unreal Engine 4? and can someone please point me in the right direction to have an degree in game development? I don’t want to use Unity, and I’m also using 3Ds Max for 3D animation and 3D modeling. But I’m still a noob cause I’m self taught ( Youtube tutorials don’t always help ) Please if anyone can help, I will appreciate it very much.

@Marno, I’m not South African, and I don’t live in Africa, but in my opinion I don’t think a game development degree is worth the money. Maybe in your region it has more value than mine (U.S), but in general I don’t think they are worth the money. Take my opinion with a grain of salt and do the necessary research before dismissing the idea though.

In the meantime you can do this:
Come September 9th they are starting a course in UE4 game development. It’s taught by industry professionals and the best part is it’s FREE (compare that to Tuition cost!). Unless of course you donate money for the extra perks (via Patreon). Sign up for the course if there is still room. If there isn’t, they will likely do it again in the future.

Some other thoughts on degrees that can help with game development:

  1. Art Degree.
    Consider a traditional art degree. A lot of people dive into digital art with no traditional art background and there work is mediocre at best. A traditional art background can help immensely.

  2. Computer Science:
    Any IT knowledge you gain will only make game development that much easier. Programming and Networking are just two examples that come to mind.

  3. Basket Weaving
    You never know who might need some nifty baskets…maybe you can make a game about basket weaving. (Hey Goat simulator seems to be doing well…, you never know)

@Marno - I agree with @junfanbl … the industry here in South Africa is very small and is primarily aimed at Indie Developers, a degree in Game Development is not really going to help you. You are better off with a degree in Computer Science that will allow you to fall back on Software Development or ITC if the Game Development doesn’t work out.

Current information shows that most Indies only break even on a game after 2 years (unless of course you hit it lucky or Basket Weaving Simulator takes off) and most Indies in South Africa supplement their business finances through ITC consultancy work. Most of my business is coming from my Interactive Training Simulator that I customise for customers … so I wouldn’t worry about a Game Development degree.

My suggestion is a computer science degree and then do Unreal Engine courses or certifications where you can.

Good day

​​​​​I would love to be part of this…
Anybody interested in collaborating with me on creating a Android/IOS/Windows based head to head game? I am still a Noob but already done a lot of work on Unreal Engine 4. I am a year and a bit into UE4 but still feel like a newbie sometimes.
I have a ton of ideas but doing this alone is a daunting task. The idea is to try and sell upgrades and items and make some money in the end so I am looking to make a fully working game.
I am based in South Africa, Centurion but have a TeamSpeak server so we can chat away.
If we get multible people up for the challenge we can make this a group effort.
Here is some of my projects and blueprints I played around with.

You can also reach me via email

Thanks in advance

Hi there , I would like in , if it is still ongoing , and if not , for any skilled Dev to help me into the right direction. I am New to UE4 , however , been following a tutorial series for sometime now. This TUT Series sadly comes to an end and doesn’t seem to have any more content to be posted in the coming months. I bought a few asset packs from Epic (Character packs and and environmental props , etc) that is Low Poly theme. With this said. I am trying to Dev and learn to produce a RTS. Could you tell me if this post is still ongoing? Thanx

Hi Charl , Could you check your Mailbox? Sent you a mail.

Hello fellow artist!!

Im doing a project surrounding nelson Mandela and am looking for some south African unreal engine artist! Please reach out to me at with your portfolio if you have any interest!