Calling All Linux Users

@siebencorgie: Thanks for testing it, glad it is working.

Please go here for the latest downloads.

Update: 16th August 2015
This is a new upload that addresses the issue with the Linux build of v0.7.0.0 not working, we upgraded to v3.1 of Blui in the process.

Please download v0.7.0.1 for Linux 64 bit here:

Please provide feedback through the usual channels.

Seems fine on my pc still.
It seems to start up faster on ubuntu than on mint.

Shot 94 … thanks. I have no idea why it would start faster on the one than the other … ponderous.

Thanks again for testing, can I put you down in the credits as a tester. If yes, please PM me your full name. Thanks. 8-}

After a little driver update… It starts up the same now?!
But it works the same on both now.

Nice … way to go Epic. 8-}

Thanks for the update 94 … much appreciated. We are now finally ready for a Steam Greenlight … gosh I hope this works out. 8-{

There will be a non steam version still?

Yeah there will always be a non-steam version, it will be released through Desura. A good friend of mine released Airship Dragoon through both Steam and Desura and had some good success, so we are doing the same.

All the back-end services are controlled via my custom built Game Flow system, Steam just provides us with an alternative release platform … and a chance to see how we stack up to other games on Steam Greenlight. 8-}

Okay, just making sure. :slight_smile: