Calling a widget on a specific client in multiplayer?

Hello again,

So I’ve figured out my collision system and it’s working fine along with ticking down health. My problem now is that when health reaches zero I want to bring up a respawn menu on that player. I’ve already got the respawn menu put together and all of its functionality works fine on its own. The problem is that it only ever calls properly on the server. I assume this is because the ‘any damage’ function only operates on the server, so when I try to call the respawn menu from the player controller it only passes through the server information. I’ve tried to store a player controller variable for the last character hit from the overlap event, multicast the event to open the respawn menu, and check to see if the two values match. I’ve tried having every player check their health after any damage is dealt using a multicast event. I’ve tried getting references to every player index I can think of. Nothing seems to work. The closest I get is the client screen glitching to a random place below the map, but no respawn screen. Is there a tried and true way to create/call up a respawn screen on a specific client?