Called custom event does nothing, but the execution continues on. Help pls.

I have a bp that will cast to another bp and run a custom event, the exec continues on like the event was called; except the events functions never fire, any breakpoints placed inside the event don’t fire and I can’t step through it if I place breakpoints before the event is called.

I know my casting is correct and everything is executing “correctly” but the custom events functions, just won’t do anything.

Here’s some pictures

I’d try changing the name of the event. It’s looking like you have classes / instances and events mixed up somehow… ( change it to something never used before )

I ended up figuring it out, since I had multiple blue prints that were using the function the editor was only breaking on instance “x” and since I had multiple instances I was testing with it seemed like it “randomly” would break but it was really only breaking on a certain instance, once I told the debug filter to look at instance whatever I could now see the break.

Thank you though.