“Call unknown function” after restarting Editor with plugin Blueprint Node

I added a Blueprint Node from plugin official plugin “AnimationLocomotionLibrary” and “AnimationWarping”, but when I close the Editor and started it again, it doesn’t work anymore, I must refresh that node.
I started the project with Development Editor.
i already delete the *.sln files, and generate the solution, and rebuild this project, but not work
unreal engine 5.1 official version

I try to delete Binaries, DerivedDataCache, Intermediate folder. but not work

This is a very common problem. I hope someone can help. Whenever UE5 uses third-party plug-ins or official plug-ins, it will encounter the problem that the blueprint node cannot work after restarting the editor. You need to refresh the blueprint node of the plug-in. Can continue to develop

it was caused by the wrong loading phase of some plugins, only need to modify the *.uplugin file of the plugin, change the module LoadingPhase to PreLoadingScreen, and change the Type to Runtime

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