Call to variable

I’m starting my first project. I need some help.
Sorry but I’m really bad writing in English.

I have a public variable “EsMenuPrincipal”(IsMainMenu) in a widget called “FondoMenu”(BackgroundMenu) is to know if I have to display or hide depending if is the main menu or not.
My question is what I have to put in the “target” of the variable called in the external blueprint.
In external blueprint I created a variable of type “FondoMenu” but does not work.

The first image is the external blueprint. In this BP I need to set the variable. The second is FondoMenu widget.

I don’t understand. What am I doing wrong?

There’s one thing you need to understand, just because you’re calling a variable the same name in two blueprints, it does not mean they are the same variable.

You are setting “EsMenuPrincipal” to true in your top blueprint, but you’re creating your widget without passing it that value. In your widget you are doing a check on “EsMenuPrincipal” but that variable is a completely different one.

Before you add the widget to the viewport, set your “Fondo” variable to the newly constructed widget. Then you can call your “Fondo” set “EsMenuPrincipal”.

Hope it helps :slight_smile:

A lot of thanks, already works.

The first image is the widget and the second is the BP.

With this help is easy to do things.