Call to private constructor in ScriptGeneratorPlugin

The constructor FColor(const FLinearColor& C) is now private since the following commit:

However the following line:

generates calls to that constructor when building and using the ScriptGeneratorPlugin.

For more details on the generated errors

Hey MarioYC-

Can you explain how you’re setting up your code to use FColor and/or FString FLuaScriptCodeGenerator::InitializeFunctionDispatchParam(UFunction* Function, UProperty* Param, int32 ParamIndex)?

I’m trying to build already with the UETorch plugin which I modified to work with UE 4.10 (GitHub - marioyc/UETorch: A Torch plugin for Unreal Engine 4.) , UETorch is using LuaIntegration and ScriptPluginGeneratedClass from ScriptPlugin.

Hey MarioYC-

I’ve entered a bug report to address the code syntax in LuaScriptCodeGenerator.cpp, UE-31230. If you are using a source build of the engine, you should be able to edit line 82 to include the .ToColor(true); as necessary.