Call stack crash debugging.

Hi all,
i’m desperately trying to understand which is the best debugging method for a call stack crash.
Editor symbols are downladed for the engine version i’m currently using (which is 4.11.2) but the crash reporter obviously says i don’t have the required symbols to show what caused the crash.

In my packaging settings i’ve checked “Include Debug files” so i tried to analize the generated minidump inside VS2015 but i don’t understand which is the proper way to load UE symbols.

Finally i tried to build UE from source code to use the symbol debugger but even here i don’t understand completely how to load UE symbols.
If someone can explain this step-by-step to me it would be really appreciated!

Same here, really could use a tutorial on how to debug crashes, when my project is blueprint only.

You should run UE4 project through VS. Select correct build configuration…ons/index.html (for example Editor (development)), launch, and now you can stop crash line instead of running crash reporter

Also, you might want to use VS Code. VS201* is slow, clumsy, lacks modern code editing features…