Call parent C++ function from child blueprint

Ok so I assume this is an easy - and I thought common - question but for some reason google fails me, so maybe someone here can help me out.

All I’m looking to do is call a function in a parent’s C++ class in the child blueprint, essentially a ‘Parent::Init’ event node as that’s the name of my C++ class’ function.


Have you exposed it to BP? (BlueprintCallable)


Oh my bad, I actually meant to call a function inside a parent class, not to call the inherited function inside the child BP class.

I’m trying to create this guy:


That is a Blueprint Native Event;
These events have a default implementation body in C++ and can be overridden by Blueprints.

Ah ok, think I got it… knowing they are called ‘native events’ led me down some google success finally. All I need to do is create an event ‘Init’ in my BP and then right click on that to get the parent class’ ‘init’ function call.

Sorry for not being fully clear, my first time stumbling upon these guys and wasn’t sure what I was really asking for. Thanks for the help!

Btw mate how do you manage, Start Session. I couldnt find it on my project. Any advices?