Call other BP Function, only - worls only 1 Time

€: Don’t mind, I just figured it out. Used the wrong BP Type.

Hi everybody,

I’ve got a question:

I have a simple BP (called NN_Functions), which is placed as Actor in the Level.
Inside this there is a CustomEvent called MoveMe (with Inputs: Scene and Target) that makes a “moveComponentTo” (Scene->TargetLocation).

Then I have Cube-BP with a Scene & simple Cube.
In this BP I call NN_Functions-> MoveMe (Inputs Scene and the Target Location).

I place both actors in the scene and hit play:
The Cube-BP starts moving to the Targetdestination.

So far so simple

But: When I place a second Cube-BP, only the 2nd Cubes moves, the other stays still.
If I place a 3rd Cube-BP, only the 3rd Cube moves.

It seems, as if the Function-BP can only run 1 “Instance” at the time, and the last CubeBP calling the special function “wins”.
Is this working as designed? How can I make 1 Function BP and call it from as many BPs as I want (parallel)?

Thanks in advance!

Maybe I need an ActorComponentBP?
How do I place the in my Cube-BP? I’ll try to figure it out :slight_smile:

Is the only thing I need to create an ActorComponentBP, fill in some stuff and add it to the BP where I want to use it as a component?
Seems to work :slight_smile:

Ok, this seems to work pretty well (Awesome!) :slight_smile:
Thanks, sometimes it helps just to talk about a problem^^

Is there anything special I need to know/worry/take care of?

Seems like no Timelines allowed? :frowning: