Call of duty zombies styled game ( already started )

Hello ,

My name is Edwin and the past week I’ve been working on a project like Call of Duty zombies , of course its not going to be completely the same but I want to play as close as possible or better ( PC only , free-to-play ) . I already have the “Mystery Box” ready with model and blueprint , character movement needs a bit of work but I have the crouch/walk/jump/look around working perfectly ( I will work on the final one’s which will be wall run , prone , slide and sprint ) I also have a map concept ready and a little story for it ( I have some ideas that would improve the zombies experience ) . I dont want to get into much detail on the characters since I need to keep writing for the other maps but in the mean time il just work on this one which will be the main one and then if this works out il write and see what I can do for other maps .

I am in need of a bit of everything and you dont need to be a pro to join , as long as you know the basics its just fine but to specify a bit more I have a small list of what I really need :
Animators ( 3D animation , I cant guarantee that you will only be animating Humanoids but I will guarantee that the others will be easier than a humanoid )
Modellers ( low-medium poly models , props , guns )
Level designers ( HIGHLY needed of course… )
Coders ( simple blueprints , I might focus on this one a bit more myself )

If your interested or have any questions about the project your more than welcome to leave a comment/reply on this topic and I will answer/clarify as fast as possible , if you want to go into more detail you can PM me or email me at :

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To do list :
Design our own map ( DONE ! )
Build the map on the unreal engine ( IN PROGRESS )
Create zombie models and animate them
make custom materials for the map
make models for the game
Update the “Mystery Crate” model ( DONE , I said mystery crate because we didn’t want to use the exact same name )
Get sprint working
Get multiplayer working
Add some easter eggs

Ok , now that some blueprints are done , to fully test them out I decided to start making the first map for the game so started making “Kino Der Toten” (Fan-remake) with some help from a fellow member of the team …

So here’s a picture , no materials/particles and furniture/props were added yet and some lights aren’t supposed to be there but that will be fixed very soon + the roof needs to be a bit more “round” and that will be added pretty soon but here’s a small preview :


o very nice (=

You might want to look into the legal matters of basically a cloning the map before too much effort is put into it.

Yes , I was looking into that but I couldn’t find anything besides people fooling around , can you please give me a link ? ( I cant find a serious thread about this )

Thanks ! your making us blush :o has some interpretations of the law.

Thanks ! :smiley: