Call Of Duty-like killstreaks and more!

I decided to make some tutorials in order to learn the engine better but also to recreate some cool stuff.

Playlist in youtube

Some tutorials use this function libary in C++, which I made some time ago, for ease of use and simplicity reasons. This way you do not need to make your own sorting functions or do other impractical workarounds.


  • Predator missle (Control a missle falling from the sky)
  • Care package (Care package inbound :slight_smile: )
  • Lightning strike (Mortar strike, 3 planes)
  • Rolling thunder (Carpet bombing, rotation [spawn transform and direction is dynamic] included!)
  • Grenade explosion (Refraction)
  • Location picking minimap (Imported image, map coordinates clamped)
  • Choppergunner (Chopper follows spline)
  • Escort Helicopter
  • AC130
  • Jump, Dash, Thrust (With combos/chaining and some nice delay logic)
  • Claymore
  • Bouncing Betty (Please watch claymore first)
  • Weapon Charge Mechanic (Neutral->Charging->Charged(Fire?)->Discharging - With a charge key and a fire key)

WIP: Arrow trail (Sparrow from BO 3) , Thruster VFX , Gravity Spikes wave pulse (Ruin from BO3), Ledge climbing, Ladders, Wallrun, Tripwire mine , Sentry Gun , Strafe Run , Warthog , Free SFX.

Important notice: I make these videos in order to learn how to use the engine, there may be better ways of doing things. Also, I sometimes make workarounds for no reason (functions exist, I do not know they are there)
School consumes much of my time and it will suck even more time while exams are near (~March-June). After this period I will increase the frequency I make videos because I am getting into university (Free time , yay!).

I will not do some mechanics. For example, the counter UAV or a homing rocket launcher is fairly straightforward to do. I will also not do multiplayer because things get too complex in order to have a KISS and small video in blueprints. Nevertheless, I will definately try to make something like attack dogs because I want to get into A.I. stuff as well. Also, some stuff may require root motion animation. I am not an animator and unless I get somebody to do it, some tutorials will not be recorded.

I am using a GTX 660 and it lags sometimes when I record, that is why sometimes stuff lag (for example jump -> slide dash). Nevertheless, I test everything and make sure it works before I present it.

Special thanks: Hevedy, for suggesting stuff! Adeptus, for making some custom meshes!

Thanks for watching, I hope you enjoy these!

P.S. Feel free to PM me for anything!(Collaborations are welcome!)

Sweet thanks!! I had a post months ago asking if someone could do a tutorial on these

Everybody loves kill streaks!..I could never stay alive long enough to get a meaningful one.

@Zarkopafilis mind if I add to your playlist…I have a 30% black ops 3 clone in unreal engine and I would like to add boost jump video to your playlist

@LethalLotus. No problem mate. I am about to do movement stuff as well. Check your PM’s so we can chat!

Great stuff, man. Respect.

@kinDaKreator Thanks :). Nice games at KINOSTA DEVS btw.

There could be small delay before disabling slide when falling on the ground.
Since you started working on movement. Some interesting problems: Jumping over obstacles, ledge grabbing, movement on uneven terrain, wall jumping, ladders

Parkour stuff are already on the list^^. Let me add ladders :).
I have done a walljump tutorial a while ago. You can see it here