Call of Duty Changes

Okay this has been on my mind for a while what exactly do people want to change in a call of Duty game I know a majority of people want a modern or past setting but gameplay wise what do people want to change about it do they want it to stay the usual, make it a tactical shooter, make it third person, make it a Far Cry style combat or something? I just don’t get it.

I’ve never really heard people want to change it to something like those games you mentioned.
I really wouldn’t understand it anyway. why people would do that… Just to keep the Name? It really is just better to go play Far cry or Xcom.

All I hear is that people are getting sick of repetitive multiplayer and small singleplayer campaigns. (And quicktime events.)

The other part I have heard, Whether to go into the past or go into the future.
All that really does is put some new graphics and some new gameplay features. (Though there is nothing wrong with that! I personally would like a Civil war Call of duty…)
But it doesn’t really change what it is at the core. A FPS game.

You don’t change a franchise’s genre (excluding spinoffs), because people have certain expectations of that franchise. People who play Call of Duty expect Call of Duty; if you turn it into something it isn’t (e.g. a third person cover shooter), you’re just making the game into something the audience does not want. If these people wanted to play a third person cover shooter, they’d be playing that instead.

I have had very little interest in COD after COD 4. I have black ops 2 but I would rather play COD 4 or CS GO instead.

With that said I play Path of Exile the most. A very fine game indeed!!!

I have always liked Black Ops 2, bought it this month on Steam :smiley:

Black Ops 2 is a fine game I never regretted it but oddly I prefer COD 4 or CS GO. I love the weapons in COD 4 makes it feel more military plus COD 4 supports modding they killed modding after world at war sadly. After black ops 2 I didn’t like anyother COD its become so generic now.

One thing to note black ops 2 like all COD games become boring after a while, have you played CS GO yet? the real joy is competitive mode 5v5 and you aren’t allowed to leave the match else penalty cool down from joining. But to reach competitive mode you have to play normal mode for maybe a week.

Don’t get how this franchise still sells so well when the talent has long left the building.
I know a lot game reviews are cooked, even Amazon admitted to that recently, but still…

Many of the user maps for COD2/COD4 on PC were incredibly imaginative as well…
I feel that’s lost in newer versions. The maps just aren’t that interesting anymore.

It helps to be geekily into weapons + attachments to appreciate the later versions more.
Sure there’s zombies & npc’s too, but the PC mod community had these as far as COD2…

^ I am of the belief there is such a thing as too much, and well BF4 was bad for me because it had too much attachments. None of the later Battlefield games can replace Bad Company 2 it was an absolutely magnificent game and is still played to this day its played more than BF3 and BF the payday clone hard line I think its called.

There is a special magic in COD 4, the map design, the sound it emits a special kind of modern warfare feel that will never be matched again. A lonely nostalgic yet brilliant audio that captures the atmosphere of the maps, COD 4 and world at war will forever remain special games, timeless.

Beyond that, everyother COD is just simply COD 4 but more dumbed down. If you notice all other COD games have continued to be just COD 4 with a fresh coat of paint and less recoil. Black Ops 2 was alright but I won’t buy black Ops 3 because its all become a big fat joke the same game every year for $100 USD

Sorry this topic is a little confusing with the whole hating the franchise thing I want this franchise to do good but it’s kind of hard to understand what could save it cause the community seems to hate it for different reasons

I’m not sure it needs ‘saving’ given how much revenue it generates. What has happened though is that the audience that bought into the game that made it what it is (CoD 4) have become disenfranchised by the changes made to appeal to the lowest common denominator.