[Call for Volunteers] Free Projects for Everyone!

Hello everyone!

How are you all on this fine morning/evening/night?

Basically at the moment, I’m working on a few projects to be released for free to the community; Think of how the free Epic content works - But created by community members for other community members - To help teach the ropes of all the cools things that Unreal Engine can do.

I am currently working on a Point and Click prototype and a Horror First Person Shooter game ala Amnesia: The Dark Descent. The horror project is almost complete and the Point and Click project will follow after.

Basically, I’m coming to you beautiful people now and asking is anyone has some spare time to create example games for other users to help teach the community all about Unreal Engine 4’s features.

I believe this is an awesome way to teach the community about features; To let them rip projects apart and learn how it was all done.

If nobody wants to help, that’s fine. My projects will be done soon and the relevant articles, free books and content will be upload to the Unreal Engine wiki.

I’d love to get more people working on this idea with me, that would be awesome. If not, stay tuned for my free projects community!

Here’s a little preview of the Horror Project, here’s what you’ll learn:

Matinee sequences
Casting to the Player Controller
Levels system (Breaking a giant map into smaller chunks for performance)
UMG Menus (Main Menu, Options Menu, Pause Menu .etc)
Animation Retargeting
And a lot more!

All the projects I create will also include models, animations and Materials that people can rip and use in their own projects - Commercial or otherwise!

And for people who don’t know about me:
My name is Ryan Shah and I write Free Books for the Unreal Community to help teach the newer (And even the more skilled!) members of the community just how powerful and awesome Unreal Engine 4 is!

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this,

Lots of Love,

  • Ryan S, Project Lead @ Kitatus Studios

This is an amazing idea. I’m only just really getting into learning various aspects of UE4 and think this would be a tremendous help. Can’t wait to dig into the horror one. I do have one question: will they be blueprints or c++ primarily?

The Horror Project will be Blueprints but I see no reason why it can’t be converted to C++ down the line. in regards to the projects, it’d be down to the creators discretion whether or not to make a C++ project, a Blueprint project or Both.

I want to give the creators freedom to teach what they feel most comfortable with! :slight_smile:

Hello KitatusStudios, I appreciate your contributions to the community. I took a reverse approach, helping tutorial/content authors who contribute to the community. This is the primary goal of Projekt Frankiestein, develop a playable example game from available tutorials and assets. Projekt Frankiestein was inspired by all the great of tutorials out there. I thought why not put them to work in a game, boost recognition of the author’s, supply the community a consolidated Reference to learn? In addition, I’m contributing my own tutorials and assets for the community to use.

It feels great to help the community and even greater when the community joins in on a project to help. I’ve participated in a few community projects over the years: Project PLASMA 2004, DOSP, Project Fijita. One thing I’ve learned is making sure collaboration tools are in place first. In fact, I prepared all my projects for future collaboration. If you’re transitioning the Horror Project from a solo effort to a community project, what collaboration tools (Perforce, GitHub, Skype, Trello, etc) are in place?

Hey TechLord,
I checked out Project Frankiestein and I think it’s awesome!

What I’m trying to do is a little different and it seems I didn’t explain it well. There won’t be any Perforce / Git sharing between contributors (Unless they want to). The idea is to create seperate example projects for people to pull apart (Give them a download of the full project on either Dropbox, Google Drive or Mega).

Each project is created independent to each other and users would download the project they want to use; They wouldn’t need to use Git to get a hold of the project (As some of the newer members of Unreal Engine have trouble with SVN .etc)

Your project is totally awesome though, I recommend people check it out!

I think this is a really great idea! As a new comer to UE4 I would love to know some of the things you listed, like breaking apart a huge world. I love how wonderful the UE4 community is, and how everyone helps out. When you are done with the horror game, please do PM me. Thanks again, PB

The Horror Project should be done real soon! Hopefully just before Halloween, so everyone can spook themselves silly with their own iteration of the project!

Hello KitatusStudios, Thanks for your contributions to the community , and please keep continue with this project , i hope to see more update in this project , for example let’s say next update v1 , will include :

1- Read note , memo click and read
2- loading screen
3- inventory system
4- checkpoint

This idea will be good for the same project to be update in future , i hope to see this idea in your project

anyway keep continue:D

All of them would be quite simple to implement, but I think writing about thoes features would be better; As it’ll be too easy for the Blueprints to get all confusing; Whereas if I wrote a free book, it would be simple to break-down and then release TheHorrorProject 2.0 and then when more features are added, doing HorrorProject 3.0 .etc