Call event on a widget

I need help for this blueprint, how can i call a custom event on a Widget, with a button on another Widget.
I try to do this but doesn’t work

Please help me.

Something like this would do the trick I think, if I understood the question correctly.
Basically, you Take your construct Event, put a Bind Event to (Event you want to bind), get the button you want the event to happen on, and the do your code on the custom event.

EDIT: My answer wont actually work for what you want. If I understand correctly, you want to get a custom event from one widget, and use it in another widget ? You’ll need of reference to the widget with the custom event, and from there you’ll be able to do what you want.

EDIT #2: If I understood correctly, here is a project that would do what you are looking for :Dropbox - Error - Simplify your life

You really shouldn’t do just random things and hope that they work. Check out Unreal Academy (or YouTube) and learn Blueprints first if you’d like to work with them, there are many great resources to start with.

Is it necessary add the widget in the hierarchy?

EDIT: Because i already have a main widget where i collect the other widget