Call Custom Event on specific Object Reference

Ok so hello, I have a list of Object References and i dont know what they are because they can be anything i need to call a custom event UpdateFaces on each of them. Any solutions?

You could use an Interface.

Try to Cast them to what they could be, if the cast fails, it’s not one of those. Interfaces could do it to.

I question how you ended up with a collection of all these objects, can you just do a “Get All Actors Of Class” and have a list of what you need?

Thx. To answer your question: I’m making a voxel minecraft like game in ue4 using blueprint by turning off faces of blocks when they get spawned but i also need to “block update” them when a block around them changes so that they recalculate their faces and turn on the needed ones. For getting surrounding blocks i use overlap volume which only detect blocks and i stuff them in an array and use them like that.