Call custom event from event tick one time unreal engin 4

Tick is called every frame, for ever. So even after your ‘ifalldone’ event has succeeded, it’s get called again and again and again… Forever.

Tick is not the way to do this.

If you want to keep checking something and then perform an operation when it’s done, then use a timer. You can set the timer to a more sensible period ( like 1 second ), and you can kill the time once you’re done with it:

in event tick i check is all object collected. if yes then load particle system and load next game. the problem is that after collecting all objects the partical system keep running, it is not stop after one time run. i think this happens because of event tick function then i create a function for partical system then it is not accepting delay function for load next screen after some delay. then i call custum event function for partical system from event tick then it again keep running partical system. I want to show partical system that run only one time when level complete then after delay show reward function then after delay load next level.

thanks it done