Call animation/actions on level from HUD interface buttons

I can’t understand, does it possible to listening events which are creates in UI Widget Blueprint from Actors on Level. I imported a model in fbx-format and got skeleton, animation sequence and skeletal meshes.
Than i create a simple UI widget with one button, add him to level blueprint, check it to use like a HUD and add to viewport.
Inside the Graph/Blueprint of UI widget i created a simple logic with listening ‘onclick’ events from a widget-button and cast them to my Animation Blueprint, whos assign with my skeleton, mesh and animation sequience.
What needs to be done next to play the animation of the model by clicking on that button? I tryed to call player functions from Ui Widget, but they all working only with UI-animations. I create variable inside a UI Widget with type of my Animation blueprint and i think i should make some binding from Animation Blueprint, but i can’t find suitable class who’s will work with my variable from UI in Animation Blueprint.
It seems to me that I walk in circles or don’t understand some simple thing that is done quite easily, but I can’t find the right information on the Internet. Basically, all user-interface manuals cover animations within the interface, without passing events (which are called direct interactions between blueprints here, as I understand it)