Calculator system with BP?

Hey guys!

I would like to try out some simple stuff with BP and thinking of making a small 3d calculator app for mobiles. I have worked with BP a bit, so I am an experienced newb BUT, I’m not sure where to start from with this one, as it’s far from being an actual game.
So, basically I need to click a button and that has to be put inside an equation, displayed on the calculator’s 3d display(a UMG widget) and this whole thing would just keep adding up until the “=” button has been pressed.
Could I link the 3d asset with UMG via blueprint in an easy way? How would the whole thing generally tie together?

Looking to hear your thoughts. I know this is pretty boring, lol, but hey!, hope to hear some neat thoughts on it :smiley:

Thanks guys!

really just looking at taking a UMG text box and a set of buttons, binding the button action to the blueprint and keeping a variable present to hold the equation. Probably do a current value, and then an entered value, and the function button so add / subtract, etc. would take the current value and perform the action on it according to the entered value.

With a result textbox filled in with the result.