Calculation of the points for moving of the group of units

I try to find a optimal way for calculation of points for moving of units in the RTS game. I have few characters and hit on the my landscape from the mouse click. I need to find points on a navmesh (walkable) for each unit. Tell me about your experience of same tasks :slight_smile:
May I use a EQS system or the navmesh for this? Or I must to calculate each point by hand (projection from top of a capsule)?

hello v.s i think the right way is using navmesh, setting the volumes correctly and controlling the size and accuracy, i made a little track system using targets points on groups blueprints, this and navmesh with mouse interaction works well for me

What are you mean about navmesh and volumes? How to get walkable points on the navmesh (in some radius)?

in the nav mesh volumes you can configure the resolution, so you choose the right res, otherways maybe nav mesh can be heavy!, and the another is just a trick , setting a point with my mouse and lerp locations, casting a ray between the group and the target you know if something is in between! and create some kind of nav mesh
i was clear?


Okay. I have an algorithm for a search of points in a Unity and I want to do it in UE. In the Unity I have an unit with a capsule. From the top of the capsule I raycast to a land in the certain radius. But in this case I have methods from a navmesh for ask it for a possibly walk in this point. I am interested in a more progressive way of getting points or positions of the capsule (the navigation agent).

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