Calculating Projectile Velocity for Parabolic Arc

For more than a month I can’t think of or find a formula to solve my problem. I need to calculate Projectile Gravity Scale and Projectile Velocity, which should be parabolic.

I have the following input parameters:

  1. Desired landing target (Vector2D).
  2. Peak altitude (how far the Projectile should reach).
  3. Travel speed (along the X axis).
    Based on these parameters, I need to somehow calculate the Projectile Velocity and Projectile Gravity Scale. Since the movement should be only along one plane, it is enough to know only 2 coordinates (X and Z axis, Vector2D).

I found a similar question on the forum (Calculating Projectile Velocity for Parabolic Arc - Unreal Engine Forums) where the implementation is almost the same. But there it is impossible to adjust the peak height and speed of movement.