Calculating Force in Ue4?

So I’m running a simple test with a cube that has no friction.

  • I add a generic force in the x:20000

  • I then use a simple F=ma formula to try and get the same force through some blueprint math.Then I reverse it to try and keep the object in one place.

My question is: Why am I getting 19408.96 out of my x force instead of 20000?
Is there away to access the physics delta time if for some reason its different?

Any and all help is appreciated.Thanks! (I tested physics sub-stepping on and off)

I struggled a lot with this exact issue.
I was trying to make an inertia dampener in the past but it was returning a force that is little bit smaller than what it should actually return, which broke the whole system.

I wish they Devs will fix that issue some day…