Calculating floor angle, char-movement

Here in my function to see if I should update my movement speed, I have tried to set up a Hit from the “Current Floor” variable from the “Character Movement Component”, But as you can see I am failing to fully grasp how to achieve this.

As you can see what I am trying to do is, to set that if is the “Current Floor” has a lower angle than the specified Angle, it should not use my speedcalculations and jsut stick with my regular walk speeds set in teh event graph.

For now my way of calculating the floor angle is obsolete, it seems to do nothing, it does my speep calculations and sets my speed automatically like I wanted on sloped areas, but when on 0-20 degrees angle it still uses the automatic speed update…

What am I doing wrong?

With the help of the user ElliotB this issue has been resolved, below is a picture of the finished function and solution of my problem.

I dont know if you still use this but where would i plug the function on the even graph