Calculating a vector on a moving physics body gives jittering results (with video)

the arrow is pointed away from world origin, which is also where the planet’s center is. Pretty sure 0,0,0 doesn’t jitter around like that, neither is my pawn. What could be the issue?

Hi man,
Here two tests, the upper row is an arrow component parented to the physics ball,
As you can see, i think that the update is not perfectly between physics stuff and other components, (the arrow should point always up)
maybe unreal take some time thinking the rotation to make and when he have done the position is already changed.
Greater the speed greater the distortion as you can see.

To get a better result, (The last on the right) you can unparent the arrow to the ball.
And set the location of the arrow to the location of the ball manually, so the rotation of the ball will not effect the rotation of the arrow.

Drawing the same coordinates with a debug line return a perfect vertical line, (Bottom row)
the debug line is still, just coordinates, cant follow perfectly the ball, so there is a small gap between the position of the ball and the debug line,
But this way the direction is not changed by the rotation of the ball. its just coordinates.

So , yes is normal i think,
you have to work around.
But coordinates are right just the arrow is bad for display


I see! At least its expected behavior. Thanks for the suggestion, I will try it out!