CAD orientation issue

My team has run into a recurring issue where the CAD data we receive from our client, position is never aligned to the environment created. In the CAD software it is created in everything is linear and flush to the XYZ axis but once its imported into 3ds MAX and then Unreal the geometry appears “raised” and never flush with the ground plane of the environment we create.

The obvious choice appears to be adjust the environment according to the CAD assets to avoid losing or disrupting the assets true CAD orientation if and when geometry needs to be updated and re-uploaded. The other suggestions that have been floating around is making the CAD assets and environment into blueprints allowing us the flexibility to orient the assets to our liking without affecting the raw data. One other suggestion is to rig/animate the assets in 3ds MAX to the orientation we like then import into Unreal but of course that requires time we don’t necessarily have for our current contract.

What is the best route to take for a situation like to for future state to avoid this recurring problem?