Cad Layouts in UE?

Hello Everyone,

I’m green as hell with UE, old dog with CAD/Max/Vray

Quick q as regards getting a cad plan to UE.I have a very large space to make into a Game/VR experience.Maybe 80 different assets (all large 2x3x2m)(LWH).
Each Asett has to be repeated around 50-75 times.(Its a factory with real machines).
The Positioning has to relevant to a cad layout as machines have to move etc.
As in if I’m off by 10cm it wont work

I’m wondering if there is a way to get a cad drawing as an underlay for positioning of the units?
I Can Map it to a floor plate but this gives a bit of lee way.
Or do I really have to check each coordinate of pivot and work from there?
Quick thought “splines as an FBX” for snapping to and then delete?

Hoping someone has come across the same thing.

Any advice appreciated


I would set up the scene in 3ds Max where it’s easier to position and snap objects and then export to UE4. You can export the entire scene to UE4 and have it show up in the same positions:

Doing it this way–you can have an object that you use many instances in 3ds Max show up as instance copies in UE4 to help improve performance.
Just note that if your scene is really complex–high poly counts and all that, then it can take a while to import because it has to process the meshes.

Hey K,

to follow up from what darth said, you can’t easily get anything in CAD to work in Unreal. It’d be better if you remake everything in 3dsmax, blender or another 3d modelling program.

Believe me I wish there was a better way!