CAD import including constraints - possible?

Greetings everyone,

Is there a way to import physics constraints (ball joint, slider joint,…) of CAD files into UE4? I am using Datasmith to import CAD Data which works fine. But the constraints that were included in the original CAD file (.asm) are gone.

Is there a way to import CAD files inlcuding the constraints??

Many thanks in advance!


Hello Alex,

There is no way to import these types of kinematic constraints into the engine at the moment.
We are aware of that need, it has been brought to us from OEMs. Thank you for mentioning it and I logged your need in our backlog.

In the meantime you could look if it is possible to export those in some kind of text/xml base format from your CAD tool on the side and make a custom import tool that would set the physic context of your scene.

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I agree, as an inventor user, this would be fantastic.

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I am also looking for retaining the kinematics while exporting the data from UG NX.