Cable issue

Hello i have a issue with the cable component in UE5.
When i move the cable component they disappear for a time.

Hello Mtoon,

I checked to see if this had been reported at and found a bug that matches what you’re describing: UE-149249 - It looks like this has been fixed, and that the fix will be included in 5.1

As soon as 5.1 preview comes out, I’d double check that this is fixed.


i don’t know if this is the same bug because for me it disappears even if im not over the sky sphere

Ah ok. Does it still disappear in an blank/empty level?

in the “minimal default” project it still doesn’t work
in a full blank project with a directional light it disappear but for a very short time
more there object in my level more time they disappear

I see, I’m able to reproduce this just by turning off grid snapping and dragging a cable component around. I double checked in 4.26 and this is a new problem.

It looks like the fix only mentions the DrawsVelocity() function, so I feel like there is a good chance this will be fixed in all cases in 5.1.

ok thanks for the help :pray:

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I tested this in 5.1 and it seems the issue was resolved. I tried migrating this to another UE5.0 project and it actually stopped doing it…not sure why that would help.

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