Cable is not attaching correctly to actors [Resolved]

So the bobber and cable spawn in. The cable attaches the end to the rod correctly but the AttachActorToActor only sort of works. The cable does move when the bobber is rolled around but isn’t attached anywhere near the bobber.

I tried getting to the UE5 forums but the link just brings me here nonstop. Version: 5.0.0-16433597+++UE5+Release-5.0-EarlyAccess

Imgur link: Recording of the problem and Blueprint

Edit: I tried spawning in a normal bobber attached to my character and its spawning in like a mile away, still attached. I think I need to just figure out AttachActorToActor

[Resolution] I needed to set the actor location (the cable’s). So the bobber’s reference, getactorlocation, set the location of the cable with the bobber’s location