Cable Component's End Attachment Location is being set to world 0,0,0 (causes terrible snapping)

I am simulating a power line getting knocked down and my basic outline is to have 3 Cable actors - one that is the “intact” power line, and object falls against it and it begins to stretch (it actually looks decent) - when it reaches it’s “breaking point” its visibility is toggled and two other cable actors (left and right sides) are swapped in.

Each of these falling wires is a cable component with its end attached to a simple sphere and when the falling tower collides with them, it sets their physics to simulate and they fall, being down the wire with them. I nearly had the look I wanted yesterday and despite my attempts to methodically iterate, I’ve changed something and cannot make sense of what is happening.

I’ve narrowed it down to this - my end location of the cable is being set to 0,0,53 in the world itself. This is the same that I’ve set it to in its actor however, that’s an offset relative to it’s attachment.You can see the video that it is essentially snapping from it’s attachment point to the location of the component it’s attached to.

The moment I hit begin play this happens -

**BTW, **can someone explain to me why it is so difficult to upload or use even an imgur link on a company that is a 15 billion dollar game engine? There’s a 765 kb image file limit, if they don’t want to host the bandwidth for all those files, fine, but they can’t even display the images hotlinked? Seems almost intentional at this point.

You can see my settings - the solver iterations and substep I’ve played with, it makes it return to the correct position FASTER but doesn’t solve my problem.


You can see here that at one point, I WAS SO CLOSE - and I’m not sure what I did to get it away from this -

Imgur: The magic of the Internet -