Cable component stretching while swinging

Hello,i have a problem with stretching of cable component while character(ball) starts to swing(Swing function),how to remove this stretching?
Here’s the video with stretching:Запись экрана 2019-06-13 в 12.50.20.mp4 - Google Drive
Thank you for helping

i had this problem too. i found that this is normal behaviour for a Cable component. It is not fit to bind/pull two physics objects together.

For your needs there are two possible solutions.

  • You can use the cable component for visual purpose, but in combination with an added “physics constraint” to manage physics and limit the stretch (set the linear limit).
  • An alternative would be to create the cable as a skeletal mesh. This can attach, pull, draw other physics objects. (The skeletal mesh has a physics constraint between each bone.)

You can find examples in the “content examples” project, in the map “physics”. There is a blue rope, great with physics and it’s a skeletal mesh.
(epic games launcher > unreal engine > learn > content examples)


I discovered that in my case the problem is not in cable component(without cable component everything works similar), the problem is in swing function

were you able to fix the swing function? I’m in a similar situation right now