Cable component - how to disable

This seems like something you could do if you make it into an actor.

Then you could do things like making it only work when a certain distance from the player or make a large overlap box and have it only start working when the player has overlapped the area.

It does not need to be an actor, it’s enough to disable tick:

It stops the simulation, too.

Hello! I would like to use Cable Component for a hoses at a gas station in my game. However, I have pretty large world in my game, so hoses will not be visible most of the time. I was trying to find some option to somehow “disable” the cables’s physics at certain distance, but I can’t find a way to do this. Am I missing something? Thanks!

Thanks for your answer. I found out that when I use “Set Active” node to deactivate component, it stops moving/simulating physics, but I don’t know if it only visualy stops, or maybe it really stops simulating physics.

Thanks, it works!